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What Happens when you Connect your Accounts?

After you connect your QBO account with MyTime, an invoice and corresponding payment will be automatically exported to QBO for each Ticket closed on MyTime. As part of doing this, we have to match two items between MyTime and QBO: the customer, as well as the services or products being purchased. Here’s how those work:


Customer Matching - MyTime will try to identify if there is an existing client with the same first and last name in QBO. If there is, MyTime will match these customers between the two systems. This means that going forward, the transaction data pushed from MyTime to QBO will be associated with the existing QBO customer. MyTime will also match records if there is only a first name (no last name present), as long as either a phone or email address also matches between the two records. Lastly, if no customer match is found through this process, MyTime will simply create a new customer in QBO.


Product Matching - MyTime will try to identify a match based on the SKU listed in both MyTime and QBO. It will match the two only if the SKU is identical in both places. If there is no SKU match, MyTime will create a new Product entry in QBO.


Service Matching - MyTime will create a new service in QBO for each unique service in MyTime. There is no matching based on service name.


Once you’ve connected your QuickBooks Online account and have run a few transactions through MyTime POS, we recommend you review how the data appears in QBO. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Note: If your business has multiple locations, you are now able to connect those locations with different corresponding Quickbooks account. See below screenshot:


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