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If I have a cancellation fee set up through MyTime, how do I charge the customer who cancelled?

MyTime allows merchants to enforce cancellation fees if a customer fails to cancel within a predesignated window, as explained in this help center article. If you’ve set up a cancellation fee and you need to cancel an appointment, a few things can happen.

If you’ve manually added the appointment to Scheduler but there is no credit card saved for that client, cancelling the appointment take you to a new ticket in POS where you can capture the client’s payment information that would allow you to charge the cancellation fee.


In other cases, you will be able to charge the cancellation fee directly from the Scheduler.This happens because there is already a credit card on file for this client (either the client booked online and entered their credit card in or you entered their credit card previously) and you’ll need to confirm the cancellation fee you’d like to charge.

If the client booked online and entered their credit card information, you’ll be able to charge their card in an amount up to your cancellation fee but you will not get access to their credit card for security and privacy reasons.  The only way you can store a client’s credit card to their profile is by entering it manually in their client profile or when taking payment in-person in POS.


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